Humusan is a product composed mostly of fulvic acids.
These fulvic acids are capable of complexing nutrients, improving their absorption by the plant, at the same time improving the structure of the soil, allowing greater aeration and the ability to retain water and nutrients.
The root of the plant is benefited by the presence of this compound in the soil, improving its development, at the same time the beneficial microorganisms are also favored, increasing its presence and therefore its beneficial effect on the plant.


Total Humic Extract (EHT)
35% w/w
Fulvic acids
32% w/w
Total Nitrogen (N)
1,7% w/w
Phosphorous (P2O5)
0,6% w/w
Potassium (K2O)
5,0% w/w
Calcium (CaO)
0,9% w/w

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